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We build horizontal cartoning machines, packaging machines and case packers for industrial production automation in various strategic sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Progetto ALFA: we may be “small”, but we are definitely competitive and have clear prospects. A dynamic company seeking special solutions that implement innovative technologies.

Skill and experience

Experience comes from repetition, work and experimentation.

Experience is how designs are made into reality, sudden obstacles are overcome, and results are achieved.

Our skills originated 35 years ago in a territory world-renowned as the most qualified district in packaging machine production. This is where we trained, organised and grew.


We are always confident we can deliver what we design and propose because we have skilled, experienced designers and personnel and we collaborate with artisans of proven professionalism that assist us throughout in-house and external production. Emilia Romagna is indisputably renowned for the quality and efficiency of its mechanical supply chain and workers. This is the experience our operators offer.


Cartoning machines

Cartoning machines

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Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

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Case packers

Case packers

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New headquarters 

Our company caters to niche markets with highly innovative repeatable machines that provide construction concepts such as safety, reduced footprint, ease of use, and fast size changeovers.

In August 2018 we moved to brand-new headquarters, chosen because of its strategic location (near the Bologna by-pass and easy to access) and spacious technical departments and workshops for prototyping, standard assembly, equipment and adjustments, enabling us to work even more efficiently towards meeting new market demands. 

For further information:

We can meet any innovation requirements from industry and, thanks to our MODULAR machines, we supply solutions TAILOR-MADE for any budget.​

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Progetto alfa Serie MIXER


Using new mechanical and electronic concepts, the MIXER series offers a wide range of cartoning and case packing solutions from flat or mini flute blanks.

The operating cycle of the MIXER 50 series simplifies automatic product feeding systems, reducing costs and footprint.

It uses various types of blanks, different size ranges and operating speeds depending on the products being fed and carton dimensions (MIXER 50 - MIXER 50 FC1 - MIXER FC2 - MIXER 50 FCX). Size changeover time can be drastically reduced by installing several product feeding units on the same machine. MIXER 50 cartoning machines can be coupled with MIXER 20 machines downstream in the line for multiple carton packaging in wraparound and/or cover tray formats.

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