Packaging machinery

Improve production, automate packaging and packing processes, and boost efficiency. We offer integral solutions that adopt the most advanced systems that technology and engineering can offer; for every sector...

Designing and building packaging lines using innovative technologies in close collaboration with the customer.

This is no mean feat. In our case, it is the result of building up decades of professionalism and forging exclusive relationships with highly experienced technicians. 

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Our willingness to find TAILOR-MADE solutions is probably our greatest asset on the market. This is no mere sound bite; it's a precise commercial strategy that has enabled us over the years to develop new and innovative solutions in line with the customer's budget.

Whether it's packaging machines for filling and sealing food or other products, shrink-wrappers and other ancillary equipment, at Progetto ALFA we can always find the optimum solution or system that teams functionality with the right price.

Clear commercial agreements prevent us from disclosing more detailed photographic sources. We'll be able to present more detailed credentials once you make a request.

packaging progetto alfa

The modularity of our machines and the particular design dynamics enable us to supply TAILOR-MADE solutions for any budget.

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