Automatic machines and robots are increasingly integrated.
Simple manufacturing is rapidly changing to Industry 4.0.


Packaging machines and new cartoning machine line

Under various corporate names, we have over 35 years' experience in designing automatic machines and complete lines for a diverse range of sectors. Today, with Progetto ALFA, we have found perfect balance between thoughts, words and actions: what we conceive, design and plan is dynamically built using modern solutions at our spacious new headquarters in Villanova di Castenaso (BO), where the key concept is: efficient production management.

Whether packing, packaging, filling or handling products, the solutions we adopt are based on the most innovative technologies and on concepts that make our machines high-performing: ease of use, compact dimensions, fast size changeovers, reduced maintenance, but above all safety despite high production speeds.


How is this possible?

For us, investments in R&D are our bread and butter and we channel many of our resources into innovation. The market demands increasingly advanced technologies, which is why we have expanded our technical department and other electronic design and programming departments. We seek to overcome limits of flexibility, modularity, speed and customisation within machines that are as compact as possible. And we often succeed!

Cartoning machines

Cartoning machines

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Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

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Case packers

Case packers

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An experienced company 

At Progetto ALFA we don't say we are "the best" or "cutting-edge" in the automatic machines sector, but we do use our experience rationally by offering the very best that design excellence can achieve to meet the customer's requirements and transform them into mechanical efficiency with strategically complete machines.

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We can meet any innovation requirements from industry and, thanks to our MODULAR machines, we supply solutions TAILOR-MADE for any budget.

Progetto Alfa Progettazione macchine packaging


Progetto alfa Serie MIXER


Using new mechanical and electronic concepts, the MIXER series offers a wide range of cartoning and case packing solutions from flat or mini flute blanks.

The operating cycle of the MIXER 50 series simplifies automatic product feeding systems, reducing costs and footprint.

It uses various types of blanks, different size ranges and operating speeds depending on the products being fed and carton dimensions (MIXER 50 - MIXER 50 FC1 - MIXER FC2 - MIXER 50 FCX). Size changeover time can be drastically reduced by installing several product feeding units on the same machine. MIXER 50 cartoning machines can be coupled with MIXER 20 machines downstream in the line for multiple carton packaging in wraparound and/or cover tray formats.

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