Special projects


Whether it's complete lines, manual or automatic sorting systems, or special designs or constructions made to order, we design and build for you.


What we can do for you

As designers, we work alongside your technicians to make suggestions, apply and resolve particular situations. As manufacturers and assemblers, we can modify, adapt and test existing machines and lines.

We have the experience and skill required, having successfully developed specific projects in which footprint, ergonomics, flexibility and operating logic were primary factors.

For special projects and requests, we can provide:

  • solutions and finished systems
  • fully automated lines
  • manual or automatic sorting systems
  • complete units
  • special projects made to specific work order

Our experience

We have built up experience in various sectors:

  • coffee roasting
  • logistics
  • paper
  • hygiene
  • handling
  • beverages

For each of these we created designs for automated processes, such as:

  • dosing/filling
  • packaging
  • cartoning
  • packing

Construction to standard and after-sales technical support guaranteed.

Current projects

We are currently developing a single-dose packaging line for a major multinational company.

progetto alfa special projects

progetto alfa special projects

Special project: case packing system for mixed products

The layout highlights the characteristics of the system designed and customised for a major commercial organisation. The principle with which the system was designed is highlighted.


Cartoning machines

Cartoning machines

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Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

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Case packers

Case packers

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Analysis – Special designs – Engineering – Construction to standard
Installations – Support and training

We know that one of your main requirements is the ability to provide safe, functional and reliable solutions at a reasonable price. Trying our solutions is the best way to find out if we are capable of that.

For further information:

We can meet any innovation requirements from industry and, thanks to our MODULAR machines, we supply solutions TAILOR-MADE for any budget.

progetto alfa special projects


Progetto alfa Serie MIXER


Using new mechanical and electronic concepts, the MIXER series offers a wide range of cartoning and case packing solutions from flat or mini flute blanks.

The operating cycle of the MIXER 50 series simplifies automatic product feeding systems, reducing costs and footprint.

It uses various types of blanks, different size ranges and operating speeds depending on the products being fed and carton dimensions (MIXER 50 - MIXER 50 FC1 - MIXER FC2 - MIXER 50 FCX). Size changeover time can be drastically reduced by installing several product feeding units on the same machine. MIXER 50 cartoning machines can be coupled with MIXER 20 machines downstream in the line for multiple carton packaging in wraparound and/or cover tray formats.

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