Finding the best solutions for packaging machinery motion control is a 
profession that requires study, patience, experimentation and multidisciplinary skills.That's the secret to it all.


What are the best technologies?

We often say that the best technologies are those that create compact yet functional and easy to use machines. The specialised operators, technicians and designers working at Progetto ALFA know that the competition is strong and they always have to give their utmost. That's why we tap into the best that mechanics, electronics and IT can provide to find the smartest construction solutions so that our machines work perfectly with minimal human intervention. 

Our method

We begin by analysing the product to be processed, the customer's requirements and the requested output. This preparatory phase often leads us to particularly customised solutions in which we may apply new technologies, such as ultrasonic sealing, which performs better for some foods as it does not alter product properties.

Motion control tools and solutions

Powerful CAD-CAE design tools, functional software for multi-level architectures and considerable experience enable us, through data processing, to predict functional analysis before construction begins. This limits functional errors to a minimum, partly thanks to in-depth study of motion control solutions, which is crucial for controlling moving mechanical parts. At Progetto ALFA we aim for maximum efficiency by eliminating errors as much as possible. In the end, an automatic machine's success and efficiency depend first and foremost on design choices.

Cartoning machines

Cartoning machines

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Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

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Case packers

Case packers

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Consolidated experience in designing and building automatic machines for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our skills are rooted in a territory world-renowned for its excellence in packing machines. We approach the market with highly innovative machines and special projects for construction concepts such as safety, smaller footprint, ease of use, fast size changeovers and quality fixtures and fittings.

For further information:

We can meet any innovation requirements from industry and, thanks to our MODULAR machines, we supply solutions TAILOR-MADE for any budget.

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Progetto alfa Serie MIXER


Using new mechanical and electronic concepts, the MIXER series offers a wide range of cartoning and case packing solutions from flat or mini flute blanks.

The operating cycle of the MIXER 50 series simplifies automatic product feeding systems, reducing costs and footprint.

It uses various types of blanks, different size ranges and operating speeds depending on the products being fed and carton dimensions (MIXER 50 - MIXER 50 FC1 - MIXER FC2 - MIXER 50 FCX). Size changeover time can be drastically reduced by installing several product feeding units on the same machine. MIXER 50 cartoning machines can be coupled with MIXER 20 machines downstream in the line for multiple carton packaging in wraparound and/or cover tray formats.

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