Ultrasonic technology


Innovative. Applicable to many sectors, processes and applications, even complex ones. Thanks to advancements in electronics, ultrasonic technology has made great strides in all industrial fields, enabling the design and construction of increasingly advanced systems. Progetto ALFA manufactures and sells ultrasonic technology equipment and systems.

› Specialist personnel, a fully equipped in-house laboratory dedicated exclusively to research and development in this type of technology.
› A department for autonomous construction of vibratory units.
› Electronic and mechanical support for this application.

With this organisation, Progetto ALFA is able to integrate ultrasonic units into its own or existing machines TAILOR-MADE to meet any customer requirement, particularly in:

  • thermoplastics sealing
  • material compaction
  • liquid mixing

The production of this equipment is developed entirely in-house and covers the entire unit: generator, transducer, sonotrode **.

**The sonotrode is the end piece of an ultrasonic unit; since it is in direct contact with the material being sealed, compacted or mixed, it requires careful design that takes account of the desired application and results. Progetto ALFA can offer the customer full consultancy in the development and construction of sonotrodes suited to various requirements.​.

Ultrasonic sealing. How does it work?  

Ultrasonic sealing is increasingly widespread in packaging. Materials are joined by the vibratory motion induced in three simple steps: 

progetto alfa packaging machines

Micro vibrations are transmitted through contact from the end piece of the ultrasonic unit (sonotrode) to one of the two objects to be sealed. Energy is released solely along the contact surface between the two bodies, causing the materials to melt and the polymeric chain to break at the desired points only. The melted material mixes and crystallises evenly, creating a solid, impermeable seam between the two bodies, all without altering the aesthetic and functional quality of the finished product.

progetto alfa packaging machines

Ultrasound generator and complete vibrating unit

It seems clear that choosing this technology over conventional hot sealing offers an array of advantages:

  • high seal quality, reliability and repeatability.
  • targeted, “clean” sealing only where required.
  • no external heat sources or other mechanical (rivets, screws) and/or chemical (glue, adhesive) sealing parts.
  • optimised energy consumption.
  • shorter sealing cycles.
  • less need for maintenance and cleaning by end user.

The last point is a key aspect for us because it enables us to offer our customers “SMART” machines, i.e. ones that are practical and simple yet high-tech and able to make the end user's work safer and more rewarding, resulting in greater efficiency throughout the production process.

progetto alfa packaging machines

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Progetto alfa Serie MIXER


Using new mechanical and electronic concepts, the MIXER series offers a wide range of cartoning and case packing solutions from flat or mini flute blanks.

The operating cycle of the MIXER 50 series simplifies automatic product feeding systems, reducing costs and footprint.

It uses various types of blanks, different size ranges and operating speeds depending on the products being fed and carton dimensions (MIXER 50 - MIXER 50 FC1 - MIXER FC2 - MIXER 50 FCX). Size changeover time can be drastically reduced by installing several product feeding units on the same machine. MIXER 50 cartoning machines can be coupled with MIXER 20 machines downstream in the line for multiple carton packaging in wraparound and/or cover tray formats.

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